Taranaki Orchid Show 2020

A beautiful couple of days in New Plymouth for the weekend’s show – and the views of Mt Taranaki were gorgeous, both during the day and at sunset (not a given that the mountain will reveal itself in all its glory). I hope you enjoy some photos of the beautiful blooms on show.

Grand champion was Miltonia Andrea West ‘Wild, Wild West’, grown by Aaron Gibson of Waitara. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Reserve Champion was Rlc Stippled Sunset ‘Sundown’, grown by Leroy Orchids of Auckland. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Sarcochilus ceciliae. Read more about this Australian native here. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Another Australian orchid is Dockrillia wassellii ‘Ivory Shower’. In the wild, the plants are found only on the Cape York Peninsula. Read more here. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Chysis tricostata is from Central America. Photo: Sandra Simpson
This striking mass of colour is Odontoglossum splendidum (registered 1907) x Odontioda Bradshawiae (registered in 1903). Photo: Sandra Simpson
Bulbophyllum thiurum is native to lowland swamp forests in Malaysia and is likely extinct in the wild. It was only identified in 2005. The intriguing, and brightly coloured, flower is tiny! Photo: Sandra Simpson
Bulb. pecten-veneris, found in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, has tiny green flowers and is also known as Bulb. flaviflorum. Photo: Sandra Simpson
This unnamed mini Phalaenopsis was gathering a lot of attention for its cascades of dark, almost black, flowers. Unfortunately, it has photographed with much more ‘red’ than the eye saw. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Epicattleya Cocktail Hour ‘Expo 19’. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Stenoglottis woodii is a ground orchid native to South Africa. Read more here. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Maxillaria coguniauxiana var longifolia is native to Brazil. The idea of tilting the pot to show off the flowers was clever – Promenaea were also displayed like this. Photo: Sandra Simpson

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