Orchid Stories

Norm Porter, 1934-2019, NZ Cymbidium breeder.

Geof Webster (posted 2019), donor of a TOS trophy.

Orchid Names: Loddigesii (posted 2019)

Orchid Names: Dendrobium Pukekura (posted 2018)

2013 Orchid of the Year (posted 2018) – Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum var esquirolei ‘Skye’ grown by Erica Cowdell of TOS

Orchid Names: Goodale Moir (posted 2018)

Brian Enticott: A Life in Orchids (posted 2017), 1931-2019, TOS Life Member.

James Bruce Irwin, 1921-2012, renowned botanical artist, TOS member.

Future of Cymbidiums: Notes from a Randall Robinson talk (given in 2016)

Sarcochilus: Notes from a Kevin Western talk (given in 2016)