June 2018: Cattleya breeding with Lee and Roy Neale.

May 2018: Tauranga society’s AGM, Wardian case growing, BOP Show results.

April 2018: De-flasking Cymbidium plantlets & potting on.

March 2018: Annual Auction, cultural notes for March & April.

February 2018: Vale Alec Roy, Vale Eric Jones.

December 2017: Summer care for orchids.

November 2017: Andy Price on his Cymbidium breeding.

October 2017: Tauranga Orchid Society show & 2017 show results.

September 2017: Upcoming show; speaker on Iran.

August 2017: Heilala Vanilla.

July 2017: Growing terrestrial orchids.

June 2017: In Vale Natalie Simmonds; myrtle rust; growing in ponga fibre.

May 2017: AGM (election of officers; president’s report); show judging and criteria; BOP show results.

April 2017: Visit to Dalton’s plant in Matamata; Fernwood ponga products.

March 2017: Culture notes for March & April; recipe for dry fertiliser.

February 2017: Paphiopedilums.

December 2016: Potting mixes; visit to Ocean Organics/Agrisea.

November 2016: National Expo wrap; Zygopetalums; Phalaenopsis.

October 2016: Tauranga show results.

September 2016: Wardian Case growing; commercial orchid production in Thailand.

August 2016: Growing in sphagnum moss; preparing plants for show; culture notes for August.

July 2016: Insect pests & how to control them.

June 2016: Botrytis and a possible treatment.

May 2016: AGM; BOP Orchid Show results; autumn colours in Japan.

April 2016: Growing orchids in plastic brochure holders.

March 2016: Culture notes for March.

February 2016: Culture notes for January & February; homemade orchid fertilisers.

December 2015: Catasetum orchids, Vale June Buchman.

November 2015: Growing on wood mounts; Vale Sid Buchman

October 2015: Tauranga Orchid show results.

September 2015: Medicinal uses of native plants.

August 2015: Vireyas; culture notes for August.

July 2015: OCNZ Judging Seminar; orchid growing tips & assistance from club members; culture notes for July.

June 2015: Culture notes on Paphiopedilums, Masdevallias.

May 2015: AGM; Singapore’s gardens; BOP Orchid Show results.

April 2015: Carlos Lehnebach on native orchids; Waitakere Club visit.

March 2015: Auction night; orchids in our library/on the internet.

November 2014: Iwitahi native orchid reserve.

October 2014: Tauranga Orchid Show results.

September 2014: Paphiopedilums.

August 2014: Growing tips for mini-Epidendrums.

February 2012: Vale Bruce Irwin; Sarcochilus.

November 2011: Growing nobile-type dendrobiums.