NZ Orchid Expo 2016

September 22-25, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland

Champion Plants

Grand Champion & Champion Hybrid Dendobium: Den. Matthew Moore ‘Purple Jester’ grown by Jenny Walsh (Taranaki).


Jenny Walsh with her champion plant. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Reserve Champion & Champion Specimen Orchid: Den. Roy Tokunaga ‘Big Boy’ grown by Lee & Roy Neale (Leroy Orchids, Auckland).

Hybrid, miscellaneous:  Lycamerlycaste Andy Easton grown by Villa Orchids (Auckland).

Masdevallia alliance:  Eloise Harper ‘Paradise’ grown by BeeGee Orchids (Taranaki).

Hybrid, Vanda alliance:  Vanda Laksi ‘Red’ grown by Tropifolia (Auckland).

Phalaenopsis alliance:  OX ‘Little Moon’ grown by Tropifolia.

Hybrid, Oncidium alliance:  Colmanara Wildcat ‘Bobcat’ grown by Lee Westlake (Howick).

Hybrid, Cattleya alliance:  RLC Stippled Sunset ‘Sundown’ grown by Leroy Orchids.

Champion Displays

Tabletop: Canterbury Orchid Society.

Under 12 square metres: Manawatu Orchid Society.

Over 12 square metres: Waikato Orchid Society.

Commercial: BeeGee Orchids (Taranaki).


Onc. Trixmathee ‘Beryl’ x Soissons ‘Le Belle’ grown by Helen McDonald (Tauranga), 1st in class. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Tauranga Orchid Society Place-getters (in alphabetical order):

Elizabeth Bailey: First & Third
Conrad Coenen: First & Second
Erica Cowdell: First & two Seconds
Barry Curtis: Second & Third
John Edwards: Second & Third
Brian Enticott: First & two Seconds
Wilma Fitzgibbons: First
Diane Hintz: First & Second
Helen McDonald: First & Second
Ron Maunder: Several
Sandra Simpson: Second.


Gomesa echinata, grown by Brian Enticott (Tauranga), 1st in class. Photo: Sandra Simpson



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