October 2016: Newsletter 384

Tauranga Orchid Show, September 9-11

Our display design for this year was based on a Mayan Pyramid, from the region of Central America that grows so many of the beautiful orchids that we own. Alec came up with the idea and he has worked hard over the lead-up, painting many metres of calico as the block-work for the step-sided, flat-topped pyramid. It provided the perfect opportunity as a dress rehearsal for the Orchid Expo in Auckland that followed just 10 days later.

As usual I must thank all members who worked so hard on Thursday to prepare the hall and construct the display. There was a great feeling of purpose and composure as the display grew, the stands were built and covered and then the orchids began to flood into the hall to bring everything to life. So many lovely orchids to be placed, moved, regrouped until the pyramid was covered in a blanket of flowers, ferns and wisps of Spanish moss. By 4.30pm it was done! Amazing.

But the work did not end there as everyone pitched in to help over the 3 very busy days. Brian was very pleased with the results of nearly 1200 visitors, a new record attendance and a very healthy sales figure. We have so many members who step up and assist in their usual way. Mary and her helpers provide wonderful button-holes and posies, Brian and Natalie, plus helpers man the entrance and sell the raffles, while Alec, Elizabeth and a host of club members man the sales tables over 3 days.

Thanks to our judging panel, controlled by Helen, for their hassle-free efforts on Saturday morning. We all enjoy seeing those Certificates among the orchids and the selection of the Champion Orchids (results at the end).

The general feeling of people I spoke to was of pleasure and enjoyment. The fine weather helped and the sales tables were seriously depleted by Sunday morning. My corner was busy with many returning from previous years, even bringing along their problem orchids.

It was a pleasure to host a large group for our Sat afternoon drinks and nibbles, and to thank everyone for their involvement in our Show.

–          Barry Curtis, President

Orchid + Flower Show, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland

We can finally relax, now that the very successful show in Auckland is over and everyone and their orchids are safely returned to the Bay of Plenty, bringing with them a nice collection of certificates for their quality plants.

The first 2 days of setting up our Mayan display and covering it with orchids ran pretty smoothly because of the great team of helpers: Helen, Bob and Jocelyn, Conrad, Alec & Lynley, Libby & myself, joined on Tuesday by Diane, Elizabeth, Wilma, Pam & Trevor.

Thank you all for your wonderful effort and input in producing a more polished version of our Tauranga display. Unfortunately we did not catch the judge’s eye with our results, but it looked interesting and different to the displays around and you can be proud of our entry.

I must especially note with sincere appreciation the effort that Helen and Lynley put into arranging the orchids, writing out name cards for each orchid and ensuring the orchids were entered in the correct categories for judging. This was a major part in your orchids being successfully judged and receiving awards.

Other clubs had also prepared extensive displays involving explorers, trains, orchid delirium and American cars. The winning large display went to Waikato, with an elegant arrangement that highlighted a beautiful array of quality orchids.

The show ran from Thursday to Sunday, with attendance around 1000 a day. Besides the orchids on display there were beautiful patchworks to view and great sales areas. The fantastic imported Phallies were disappearing out the door fast, but so were the full range of other orchids on sale from the commercial growers. It was great to see Andy Price selling out of his Cymbidiums and Lee & Roy Neale’s stall very busy. Conrad and Judy were selling clivias and orchids and even Taranaki Bark was there. Far too much temptation and I’ll have to make space for my new orchids and open up the challenge of a flask of mini Cats.

It was very gratifying to see so many of you making the trip to Auckland and I’m so delighted that Sandra was very busy with her camera and has agreed to share these photos with us at the October evening meeting. My few photos taken with my iPad do not do justice to the beautiful flowers on display.

Footnotes: We were sad to hear that while Elizabeth was at the Show in Auckland, her sister died. We pass on our sincere condolences to Elizabeth and her family. We were also very sorry and disappointed that Natalie and Brian could not be with us in Auckland due to Natalie’s poor health, after so many months of involvement, planning and anticipation. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Natalie.

Tauranga Orchid Show Results 2016

Class 1 Cymbidium, standard (over 90mm): 1. Cym. Coratea Mountain Ron Maunder; 2. Cym. Name unknkown Barry Curtis; 3. Cym. Panther Beauty Ron Maunder. Class 2 Cymbidium (60 – 90mm): 1. Cym. Sarah Jean D. Hintz; 2. Cym. Name unknown B. Curtis; 3. Cym. Negrito Cherry Ripe B. Nalder. Class 3 Cymbidium (under 60 mm): 1. Cym. Dolly Armstrong D. Hintz; 2. Cym. Mary Green T & P Signal; 3. Cym. Lorna Grey R. Maunder.

Class 4 Cattleya Standard (over 90mm):  1. C. Cariad’s Mini-Quinee W. Bryson; 2. C. Itsa Blue H. McDonald; 3. C. name unknown B. Curtis. Class 5 Cattleya (60 – 90mm): 1. C. Santa Barbara Sunset K. Murray; 2. Pot. Samantha Duncan D. Hintz; 3. C. Minibeau D. Hintz. Class 6 Cattleya (under 60mm): 1. C. name unknown B. Curtis; 2. C. intermedia alba J. Gilchrist; 3. Cattlianthe Japanese Beauty W. Bryson. Class 7 Cattleya species: 1. C. jongheana H. McDonald; 2. C. intermedia alba J. Gilchrist; 3. C. lundii H. MacDonald.

Class 8 Dendrochilum: 1. Dendrochilum tenellum Audrey Hewson; 2. Dendrochilum wenzelii Ken Murray; 3. Dendrochilum tenellum Doris Shea.

Class 9 Phalaenopsis: 1. Phal. TriMurri Ken Murray; 2. Phal. Nukalla Pink Conrad Coenen; 3. Phal. name unknown Barbara Nalder. 4.

Class 10 Oncidium Alliance: 1. Brassidium Pagan Lovesong B. Simmonds; 2. Oncidopsis Nelly Isler J. Edwards; 3. Ron Maunder. Class 11 Oncidium Alliance: No entries.

Class 12 Dendrobium, Aust. Species & hybrids – pink: 1. Den. Burgundy Bride x delicatum B. Simmonds; 2. Den. x9. 3. Den. speciosum x Goblin. Class 13 Dendrobium, Aust. Species & hybrids – purple/mauve: 1. Jonathan’s Glory x Zip; 2. Den. Jonathan’s Glory ‘Dark Joy’ D. Hintz; 3. Den. Peewee ‘Heath’ x Graham Hewitt = Issy’s Delight. Class 14 Dendrobium, Aust. Species & hybrids – yellow, green, white, cream: 1. Den. Yondi Pioneer; 2. Den. Wonga; 3. Den. Graham Banks. Class 15 Dendrobium – other types: 1. Den. Jamesianum; 2. Den lawesii D. Hintz; 3. Den. Tamara.

Class 16 Paphiopedilum, complex: 1. Paph. Gwenpur D. Hintz; 2. Paph. Verdonna ‘Coro’ E. Cowdell; 3. Paph. name unknown D. Shea. Class 17 Paphiopedilum, species & maudiae type: 1. Paph. Hsinying Rujo-Mac E & T Cowdell; 2nd Paph. sukhakuli E & T Cowdell; 3rd Paph. E & T Cowdell.

Class 18 Masdevallia, over 40mm: 1st Masd. falcata R. Maunder; 2nd Masd. Trevor Gilbank R. Maunder; 3rd Masd. Vietchiana Prince de Galle H. McDonald. Class 19 Masdevallia, under 40mm: 1st Masd. Funky Leopard H. MacDonald; 2nd Masd. Ada’s Delight R. Maunder; 3rd Masd. Southern Sun T & P Signal.

Class 20 Species large, flowers over 20mm: 1st Cym. lowianum C. Coenen; 2nd Calanthe arisanensis; 3rd Coelogyne cristata. Class 21 Species small, flowers under 20mm: 1st Cym. lowianum C. Coenen; 2nd Den. Wonga C. Coenen.

Class 22 Any other genera, hybrids: 1st Asco. Mem. Kay Killinton B. Enticott; 2nd Lycaste Murasakino H. MacDonald; 3rd Cynoches warscewiczii x marmodo C. Coenen.

Class 23 Specimen plant: 1st Pleurothallis truncata B. Enticott; 2nd Masd. caloptera E. Bailey; 3rd Masd. Mendozae B. Enticott.

Champion Plant: C. jongheana H. McDonald. (Photo here)