October 2015: Newsletter 373

September Day Meeting

The forecast for our morning at Te Puna Quarry Park was not looking good, but the morning dawned clear and a large number of members met at the Orchid pavilion, overlooking Te Puna.

After our usual morning tea and catch-up time we explored the orchid area. It is always amazing to see how well the orchids have adapted to growing under pretty hard conditions, including our endless summer where the orchids were under drought conditions, followed by the winter’s weeks of frosts and lately extremely heavy rains. Yet here they are, Cymbidiums, Dens, Brassias, Coelogyne, native Greenhoods, Zygos, Paphs, Odonts and many others, all flowering away without being coddled in orchid houses and regularly fed and cared for.

With Barry been working in kiwifruit orchards all winter, the heavy workload of weeding and caring for the quarry orchids has fallen on the shoulders of Mary, Audrey and Shona, while Alec, Lynley, Ivy and Elizabeth work hard in the Bromeliad areas. We certainly need some extra helpers to deal with the spring flush of weeds as the weather warms up. Any assistance on Tuesday mornings would be very greatly appreciated.

Orchid Name Change

Oncidium sotoamun: This orchid for most of the last 200 years has been known as Oncidium ornithorhynchum which with recent studies has been found to describe a yellow-flowered species from Andean South America. A new name was needed for the pink, highly fragrant flowers that occur in Central America, hence Onc. sotoanum. Please change your labels.

Tauranga Orchid Show, September 10-13

Sandra’s idea of using our 35th birthday as the focal point for our display, proved to be a novel and attractive idea, that allowed scope for an attractive and colourful exhibition.

Thanks to all members who worked so hard on Thursday to prepare the hall and construct the display. It has been a great idea to ‘hire’ a Tauranga Boys’ College sports team to do the heavy lifting and construction of our stands, and by Sunday, even better to see them dismantle everything for us.

We have so many members who step up and assist in their usual way. Mary and her helpers provide wonderful button-holes and posies, Brian and Natalie, plus helpers man the entrance and sell the raffles, while Alec, Elizabeth and a host of Club members man the Sales tables over 3 days.

Thanks to our Judges panel, led by Pam, for their hassle-free efforts on Saturday morning. The results follow. We all enjoy seeing those Certificates among the orchids and the selection of the Champion Orchids for the Show.

The general feeling of the public that I talked to was of pleasure and enjoyment. Some thought the show was the best ever and others loved the colour and range of orchids. Attendance figures were down a little, but that was not the fault of our attractive new road signs. One young lady of about 7 years, dragged along her mother and grandmother because she loved the purple signs, her favourite colour.

As part of our birthday celebrations we had a delightful ‘wine & cheese’ session on Saturday afternoon, and thanks to Iona’s catering there was a wonderful spread of homemade nibbles. We finished off by asking Beryl Goodger (one of the Originals) to cut our birthday cake, baked by Jocelyn Mankelow.

Tauranga Orchid Show 2015 Results

Class 1 Cymbidium, over 90mm: 1st Cym. Flaming Vulcan Andy Price; 2nd Cym. Illlumination x Mick Jagger Andy Price; 3rd Cym. Gwynne Thomas ‘Old Gold’ Andy Price. Class 2 Cymbidium, 60-90mm: 1st Cym. (Everitts Valley) x Hot Port Conrad Coenen; 2nd Cym. Marilyn Leaney Elizabeth Bailey; 3rd Cym. Owzat ‘Bonza’ Conrad Coenen. Class 3 Cymbidium, under 60mm: 1st Cym. Magic Devon Conrad Coenen; 2nd Cym. Jimbo Tupp x Red Baron Andy Price; 3rd Cym. Olymilum x Spot On Diane Hintz.

Class 4 Miniature Standard Cattleya: 1st Rlc. Stippled Sunset ‘Alfie’ Leroy Orchids; 2nd C. Highland Blush Diane Hintz; 3rd C. Jewel Chest Leroy Orchids. Class 5 Novelty Cattleya: 1st C. intermedia var. orlata Maurice Bycroft; 2nd Epi. Pacific Kiwi Leroy Orchids; 3rd Epi. Pacific Sizzle x Pacific Glory Sunnyvale Leroy Orchids.

Class 6 Sarcochilus: 1st Sarco. Melba Elizabeth Bailey; 2nd Sarco. falcatus x Weinhart Elizabeth Bailey; 3rd Sarco. roseus x hartmannii Barbara Nalder.

Class 7 Phalaenopsis: 1st Phal. amabilis Isabel Clotworthy; 2nd Phal. no name J. Edwards; 3rd Phal. O x Lottery Maurice Bycroft.

Class 8 Odontoglossum/oncidium: 1st (Odcdm. Dorothy Wisnom x Oda. City of Birmingham) Barry Curtis; 2nd Onc. Wildcatt Brian Enticott; 3rd No name Conrad Coenen. Class 9 Cheirophorum/ornithorhynchum-type oncidiums: 1st Onc. Twinkle Diane Hintz; 2nd Onc. Tsiku Marguerite Barry Curtis; 3rd Onc. Gold Dust Diane Hintz.

Class 10 Australian Dendrobiums, species and hybrids, pink shades: 1st Den. speciosum x Goblin Barbara Nalder; 2nd Den. King Wong Barbara Nalder; 3rd Den. Border Sunrise Elizabeth Bailey. Class 11 Australian Dendrobiums, species and hybrids, purple/mauve shades: 1st Den. Jonathon’s Glory x Zip Doris Shea; 2nd Den. Colonial Surprise Diane Hintz; 3rd Den. Colonial Sunset Elizabeth Bailey. Class 12 Australian Dendrobiums, species and hybrids, white, cream, yellow, green shades: 1st Den. Fiestafal Diane Hintz; 2nd No name (clear green) Jan Missen; 3rd Den. Graham Banks Diane Hintz.

Class 13 Dendrobiums, other types: 1st Den. Cassiope A. Currie; 2nd Den. teretifolium Mary Parkinson; 3rd Den. Snowflake Barbara Nalder.

Class 14 Paphiopedilums, round complex hybrids: 1st Paph. Chinese Wonder T & E Cowdell; 2nd Paph. Jean Thomas T & E Cowdell; 3rd Paph. Stonehenge L. Dawbin. Class 15 Paphiopedilum species: 1st Paph. haienensis Brian Enticott; 2nd Paph. malopensis T & E Cowdell: 3rd Paph. sukhakilii T & E Cowdell. Class 16 Paphiopedilums, any other: 1st Paph. Rothperle Diane Hintz; 2nd Paph. William Ward Diane Hintz; 3rd Paph. burkii x sukhakulii Conrad Coenen.

Class 17 Masdevallias and any other pleurothallids: 1st Masd. Violetta Elizabeth Bailey; 2nd Pl. restrepiodes Elizabeth Bailey; 3rd No name Barbara Nalder.

Class 18 Species, over 20mm: 1st Cattleya intermedia var. orlata ‘Rio’ Maurice Bycroft; 2nd Pleione formosana no name; 3rd Calanthe arilanensis no name. Class 19 Species, under 20mm: 1st Dendrochilum tenellum Doris Shea; 2nd Pleurothallis restrepiodes Elizabeth Bailey; 3rd Dendrochilum tenellum Mary Parkinson.

Class 20, Any other genera, flowers over 20mm: 1st Zygonaria Kings Park Brian Enticott; 2nd Ascda. Mem. Kay Killington Brian Enticott; 3rd Lycaste Promises Purity Conrad Coenen. Class 21 Any other genera, under 20mm: 1st Pterostylis curta Ron Maunder; 2nd Maxillaria variabilis Doris Shea; 3rd Maxillaria variabilis John Edwards.

Display Judging: 1st Tauranga Orchid Society; 2nd Bay of Plenty Orchid society; 3rd Leroy Orchids.


Cattleya intermedia var. orlata ‘Rio’ grown by Maurice Bycroft of Matamata. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Champion Plant: Cattleya intermedia var. orlata ‘Rio’ Maurice Bycroft.

Reserve Champion Plant: Zygonaria Kings Park Brian Enticott.