October 2014: Newsletter 362

September Day Meeting

A happy band of 24 members met at Iona & Nigel‟s new home of just 2 years in a subdivision high above Welcome Bay. Their section is tucked down at the end of a picturesque valley, overlooking a large pond and surrounded by trees. This peaceful home has birdlife aplenty, with herons strutting the lawns and kingfishers calling from the trees.

Iona & Nigel are concentrating on developing their grounds and gardens, but orchids are gradually being attached to trees, fence-lines and are being planted in their garden.

Tauranga Orchid Show September 11-14

Another stunning show, with “Granny’s Orchid Delirium” setting us a real challenge in construction and presentation. As usual, everyone rose to the occasion and during a hectic Thursday, Granny’s house gradually appeared under Conrad’s masterful direction and help from Bob and Jocelyn, Sandra and Ute. Furniture, rockers, sofas, outdoor furniture, dressers, ladders and pictures appeared like magic and transformed the walls and dividers into Granny’s home. Then the orchids flowed in, covering every chair, table, shelf and flat surface, to present the delirium most of us have experienced in our own homes.

But the display is only one aspect, and Alec, Brian and their band of helpers were busy setting up all the stalls and sales areas for the supporting acts. Congratulations to everyone for the great effort you all put into another highly successful show. Why do we ever worry about a lack of orchids? The display was a stunner, and the novel display was a real attention grabber. Thank you all, Tauranga, BOP Orchid Society, Bromeliad Group and all the stall holders who together built a vibrant hall, full of colour, scent and excitement.

But special thanks must go to those who were heavily involved for the full 4 days and the many weeks and even months before. Natalie and Brian especially, for the weeks of preparation with bookings, hall plans, advertising, finances and their time on the raffle table and door sales. Sandra, many thanks for your expertise in pushing the newspaper advertising articles, they worked a treat. Mary and her sister Jo, Audrey, Erny and Winsome, who worked so hard in the posy, buttonhole & flower sales area.

I must also mention our committee members, Nigel and Iona, Ivy, Lynley, Jean and Noeline who toiled away throughout the show, making things run smoothly. I know I have not listed everyone, but your combined help was greatly appreciated.

Brian is very happy to announce that attendance and returns are about 12% up on last year, and our stall holders were very pleased with their results.

Thanks also to Helen and her group of judges who worked with speed and efficiency. They do not have the time or resources to write names of plants and owners on the certificates, but the committee has decided that next year, changes will be made and a club member will follow up and complete the certificate, instead of B Curtis ‘winning’ everything. It is exciting and educational to have the best orchids indicated in the display, and thanks to Pam’s hard work, have them listed in this newsletter.

Tauranga Orchid Show results, 2014

Class 1 Cymbidium – standard, more than 100mm: 1st Cym. Joyce Coffin ‘Waikanae’ Ron Maunder; 2nd Cym. Hot Port Henderson Conrad Coenen; 3rd Cym. Eastern Dream ‘Apple Gold’ Ron Maunder. Class 2 Cymbidium – standard, 80-100mm: 1st Cym. Brookstreet ‘Featherhill’ x Dr Baker Elizabeth Bailey; 2nd Cym. Sarah Jean ‘Trish’ Elizabeth Bailey; 3rd Cym. Tania Porter ‘Waikanae Flame’ Ron Maunder. Class 3 Cymbidium – less than 80mm: 1st Cym. Amapola Elizabeth Bailey; 2nd Cym. Dolly Jan Missen; 3rd Cym. Confetti x Firebrand Barry Curtis.

Class 4 Cattleya – standard, full shape: 1st C. Itsa Blue ‘Blue Moon’ Leroy Orchids; 2nd C. City Life Leroy Orchids; 3rd Lc. Mari’s Magic Diane Hintz. Class 5 Novelty Cattleya & Epidendrums: 1st Epidendrum (Rose Valley x Pacific Rainbow) Leroy Orchids; 2nd Rth. Lee’s Ruby ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Leroy Orchids; 3rd C. Fire Magic Helen McDonald. Class 6 Cattleya species: 1st Laelia flava B & N Simmonds; 2nd C. intermedia var. oriata Maurice Bycroft; 3rd L. harpophylla B & N Simmonds. Class 7 Cattleya, miniature standard: 1st C. Dream Catcher ‘Tangerine Man’ Leroy Orchids; 2nd C. Dream Catcher Helen McDonald; 3rd C. White Bridal ‘Yuki’ Leroy Orchids.

Class 8 Sarcochilus: 1st Sarco. Weinhart x falcatus T & P Signal; 2nd roseus x hartmannii Barbara Nalder; 3rd Sarco. falcatus Wilma Fitzgibbons.

Class 9 Phalaenopsis: 1st Phal. Capetown Ken Murray; 2nd Phal. amabilis Isobel Clotworthy; 3rd Phal. Taida Lawrence Diane Hintz.

Class 10 Odontoglossums/Oncidiums, flowers over 30mm: 1st Burrageara Nelly Isler John Edwards; 2nd Odcdm. Hambuhren Stern Barry Curtis; 3rd McLellenara Pagan Lovesong Barry Curtis. Class 11 Odontoglossums/Oncidiums, flowers under 30mm: 1st Baptirettia Jungle Bees Brian Enticott; 2nd Baptirettia Jungle Bees Brian Enticott; 3rd Onc. Twinkle Barry Curtis.

Class 12 Dendrobium, Australian species and hybrids, Pink Shades: 1st Den. Brinawa Charm x Hamilton Diane Hintz; 2nd Den. (Tania’s Pride x Bardo Rose) x Guilgini T & P Signal; 3rd Den. Border Sunrise Elizabeth Bailey. Class 13 Dendrobium, Australian species and hybrids, Purple/Mauve shades: 1st Den. Anne’s Rainbow ‘Alice’ Diane Hintz; 2nd Den. Victorian Bride x speciosum T & P Signal; 3rd Den. Nerang x kingianum Elizabeth Bailey. Class 14 Dendrobium, Australian species and hybrids, yellow, white, cream, green: 1st Den. Tall green Jan Missen; 2nd Den. Yondi Pioneer Diane Hintz; 3rd Den. King of Hearts x Yondi ‘Tina’ Diane Hintz. Class 15 Dendrobium, other types: 1st Den. Micro Chip Leroy Orchids; 2nd Den. heterocarpum Diane Hintz; 3rd Den. Paradise Gerli Ron Maunder.

Class 16 Paphiopedilum, exhibition types: 1st Paph. Pavarotti Elizabeth Bailey; 2nd Paph. Peter Black x Green Acres Laurie Dawbin; 3rd Paph. Hellas Westonbirt x Wallur = Hellur Laurie Dawbin. Class 17 Paphiopedilum, species and primary hybrids: 1st Paph. sukhakullii Erica Cowdell; 2nd Paph. sukhakullii Mary Parkinson; 3rd Paph. primulinum var. flavum John Edwards.

Class 18 Masdevallia, large leaf: 1st Masd. Copper Angel Helen McDonald; 2nd Masd. falcata ‘Ever Gold’ Barbara Nalder; 3rd Masd. Dan’s Dream Magenta Elizabeth Bailey. Class 19 Masdevallia, small leaf: 1st Masd. Mary Staal Helen McDonald; 2nd Masd. Southern Sun ‘Sally’ T & P Signal; 3rd Masd. Tuakau Candy Helen McDonald.

Class 20 Species, large flowers over 20mm: 1st Coelogyne cristata Barry Curtis; 2nd Lycaste virginalis Diane Hintz; 3rd Ren. lowianum Ron Maunder. Class 21 Species, small flowers under 20mm: 1st Aerangis hyaloides Helen McDonald; 2nd Dendrochilum tenellum Doris Shea; 3rd Dendrochilum wenzellii Jill Nesbit.

Class 22 Any other genera, hybrids: 1st Zygoneria King’s Park Brian Enticott; 2nd Lycaste Wyld Court x Shoalhaven Helen McDonald; 3rd Lycaste Wyld Court x Shoalhaven Helen McDonald.

Class 23 Specimen plant, outstanding culture: 1st C. Dream Catcher Helen McDonald; 2nd Den. ruppiosum Jim Gilchrist; 3rd Laelia lundii Helen McDonald.

Class 24 Display judging, large display: 1st Tauranga Orchid Society; 2nd Bay of Plenty Orchid Society. Class 25 Display judging, small display: 1st Leroy Orchids; 2nd L & K Orchids.

Grand Champion: Cattleya Itsa Blue Leroy Orchids; Reserve Champion: Aerangis hyaloides Helen McDonald.