November 2015: Newsletter 374

buchman paphIn Memoria, Sid Buchman 1920-2015

We are very sorry to note the passing of Sid Buchman on September 14.

Sid and June were long standing members of our Club before moving to Waihi four years ago to be closer to family as their health declined. Sid was one of those quiet, knowledgeable people who loved to share his orchid-growing skills when you talked with him. His ability in growing Odontoglossums and Paphs was well recognised in our Club. He had a lovely grin and a great sense of humour, and played a quiet but supportive role in all our activities.

In 2010, just before moving to Waihi, from their home in Otumoetai, Sid brought along to our June club night a large Paph insigne with 30-40 flowers, a magnificent specimen plant that was grown outside in full sun. What a wonderful way to remember Sid, a wonderful friend and talented orchid grower.

The family requested a private service.

October Day Meeting

We were all very interested to see Barbara’s new home in Cherrywood and had a lovely fine day for the large group to gather. With such a busy road outside it was great to be able to use the shopping centre’s car park across the road.

Barbara’s home was the original in this private cul-de-sac and has great charm and individuality. She had so many orchids and bromeliads to bring down from the farm that it was amazing that she has managed to find a home for all of them. The carport has become her shade house and the front porch a hot-house, while the broms have filled all the nooks and crannies around the garden.

We were all very impressed with the quality of her plants and her list of placings at our Show indicate that the Dendrobiums were very happy with the change. Barbara has interesting plans ahead to improve her property and make more permanent housing for her plants.

Over our morning tea we had a chance to appreciate the inside of her home, and with the high ceilings and large windows there was a great selection of orchids growing very nicely indoors.

October Evening Meeting

Present: 34 members & 5 visitors.

Speaker Jim Gilchrist shared his knowledge on growing orchids on mounts. Jim has a large percentage of orchids for sale at Pottering About mounted on slabs of wood, or growing bare rooted in wooden baskets or clay pots.

The most important point to get across was, do not use any sphagnum moss around the roots of the orchid when attaching it to the mount. If used, the plant relies on the moisture held in the moss, instead of growing new roots to attach itself to the mount and collect the dew and the rain through the vellum.


Jim then proceeded to show us a range of orchids growing in wooden baskets (using large lumps of bark to lock in place), wrapping themselves around holey clay pots, attached to ponga, growing on mahogany slabs, feijoa wood, macrocarpa, pohutukawa, red casurina and silky oak.

On some of Jim’s slabs we found slots cut across the face of the slab to allow the roots extra attaching area, but he has found the orchids firmly attach to quite smooth wood.


Putting plants on mounts: You can use large plant divisions right down to the smallest plant from a community pot. Remove all bark from the roots, spread these roots out across the mount, hold in place and tie firmly with some stretchy tie.

For all those members who took the opportunity to prepare a mounted plant, it was ‘Laelia 1436’. Jim will provide the correct name later.

Popular Vote

Conrad Coenen: Cym. Magic Devon ‘Maisie’   1st=

Sandra Simpson: Arpophyllum giganteum        1st=

Stewart McInally: C. mossiae x C. intermedia (= Cattleya Undine)*  2nd

Barbara Nalder:  Sarco. George Colthup  3rd.

Display Plants 

(* = Correct &/or new name.  [?] = Not identified.)

Barry Curtis:   Paph. curtisii;  Paph. Mem. Paul Sheldon;  Paph. Dembhurst Surprise [?] x Jolly Green Gem ‘Sylvia’;  Phal. Silly Tommy;  Zygo. Blue Lake ‘Nancy Harris’ HCC/NZOS; Zygo. Unnamed;  Lc. Chit Chat ‘Tangerine’;  L. angereri x Lc. Trick or Treat;  Lc. Unnamed;  C. Jewel Box ’Dark Star’;  C. intermedia;  C. intermedia ‘Gigi’; Wilsonara Hambuhren Stern;  Odcdm. Tiger Star x (June Apperly x Oda. Phoenix March);  Coelogyne cristata var. hololeuca.

Conrad Coenen:   C. intermedia var. oriata ’Rio’;  C. unknown;  Oda.Island Wood;  Lyc. Promises ‘Purity’;  Cym. Touchstone ‘Janet’;  Cym Devon Odyssey ‘Dinky’;  Den. jamesianum.

Diane Hintz:   C. intermedia ’Purity’;  C. intermedia var. aquinii;  Sarco. Fizzy Dove  Sarco. Dove x Heidi ‘Ruby Red’  Sarco. Candice ‘velvet’x Cherie;  Cym Scallywag ‘Featherhill’.

John Edwards:   Sarco. Lois;  Sarco. Sunvale Sunspot;  Sarco. Fitzhart;  L. angereri x Lc. Trick or Treat;  Miltassia Royal Robe ‘Tui’.

Barbara Nalder:   Sarco. Carnival;  Sarco. Peppermint Rock x Coccinea Girlie [?];  Sarco. orange  no label.

Mary Parkinson:   Cym. pumilum;  Coelogyne flaccida.

Doris Shea:   Masd. Tuakau Goldstrike.