May 2017: Newsletter 390

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Annual General Meeting April 18, 2017

Apologies: Natalie Simmonds, Sandra Simpson, Trevor & Pam Signal, Audrey Hewson, Keith Walls, Isobel Clotworthy, Alec & Lynley Roy, Barbara Nalder, Laurie Dawbin.

Members Present: 33

Last AGM’s Minutes were read and accepted.

President’s Report: Read & accepted (see below for text).

Election of Officers: President: Conrad Coenen. Vice-president: Barry Curtis. Secretary: Sandra Simpson. Treasurer: Brian Simmonds.

Committee: Alec Roy, Jean Richardson, Noeline Gardner, Jocelyn & Bob Mankelow (all re-elected), Grant Bayley, Evelyn Wills, Natalie Simmonds, Ute Rank (all newly elected).

Auditor: David Bulloch. Newsletter: Barry Curtis. Library: Evelyn Wills. Supper: Jean Richardson. Raffle Table: Alec Roy.

Sales Table: Sellers to look after their own plants and pay commission to Treasurer after the meeting.

Winner of the Geoff Webster Cup: To be decided.

Barry made a presentation on behalf of the club of flowers and embroidered cushion for Natalie after 25 years of tremendous service. We were so sorry that Natalie was unable to be present and asked Brian to convey our immense appreciation to Natalie, along with our very best wishes.

Conrad thanked Barry for his 9 years of Chairmanship and presented him with a gift.

Tauranga Orchid Society President’s Report 2016-17

It is a pleasure to be here tonight, to read my own last President’s Report, after being absent from the AGM for the last 2 years. No one took the hint, and I returned each year to find I was still President. So tonight I step down after 9 pleasurable years.

This last year has been exceptionally busy, with our own Show, followed immediately after by the Auckland Orchid Expo, the Garden and ArtsFest, day meetings, auction and finally the Bay of Plenty Show.

All of these events were outstandingly well planned and presented, thanks to the Committee and club members who stepped in and assisted in so many ways. The Auckland Expo was a wonderful example of dedicated effort from those who travelled to Auckland and I would especially like to thank members of the judging group who worked so tirelessly in the labelling and presentation of our orchids. Our appreciation also to all those who provided wonderful orchids for our display.

Our two fundraising events, the annual auction and our orchid displays, were both very successful because of your support in giving your time, plants and money.

A special word of thanks here to Brian for his astute stewardship in his Treasurer’s position, and also to Alec’s wonderful concept of a Mayan Temple for our imaginative display in Tauranga and Auckland.

These events are the highlights of the year but we must remember that it is our monthly evening and day meetings that are the glue that holds our Orchid Society together; building knowledge, friendships, orchid collections and support for the club. Many thanks to those who open their homes for the day meetings and others who, more noticeably these days, step in to be speakers for our evening meetings. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find knowledgeable orchid growers who are willing to travel and share their experiences. We will need to be more supportive of perhaps a wider variety of speakers and activity-based evenings. Who knows what we might learn.

Our monthly meetings offer more than speakers and information, with our librarian Evelyn Wills, our raffle organiser Alec, our sales table organiser Elizabeth Bailey, and our wonderful supper team of Jean, Ute and Noeline.

Another group works tirelessly every week at the Te Puna Quarry Park, presenting an amazing advertisement for orchid growing: Mary, Audrey, Elizabeth, Alec, Lynley, and Ivy, assisted by Grant, and myself, when I can get there.

I must give a special word of appreciation and thanks to our Committee who has worked so hard behind the scenes to keep our club running smoothly and efficiently. Conrad, Alec and Bob – always full of great ideas and thankfully, the energy and drive to achieve wonderful display results for us. Also Jean, Noeline, Sandra and Jocelyn –always practical, resourceful and willing to take on any tasks. I would also like to mention Sandra’s efforts to drag us into the modern computer world, with our own Orchid Club website. She is steadily working her way through our old newsletters, deleting personal information and highlighting a vast volume of orchid care and information. Please visit the website and explore the treasure trove of knowledge.

Brian, our Treasurer, has worked tirelessly; keeping our money affairs in order, but also now carries the added load of being caretaker for the club’s paraphernalia, stored on their property. Thank you so much for your guidance and generosity of time and effort, Brian.

Finally, our thanks to Natalie, our amazing secretary, who is stepping down after 25 years. For her cheerful disposition while working through the myriad of duties as secretary, keeping our records straight, hunting out and booking speakers and home visits, organising our show activities and raffles and being the key liaison person with the OCNZ. Her work load has been enormous and part of that has been offering the committee the hospitality of their home for meetings. Thank you so much for everything you have done, especially over this last year.

To all those that have served on the committee with me during my 9 years as President, and for the support and encouragement I have received from all club members, I am extremely grateful. It has been a pleasure and an honour to be the President of the Tauranga Orchid Society, and I know that the club will continue to prosper and grow under its new leadership.

– Barry Curtis, 2008 – 2017

April Evening Meeting (also the AGM)

Visitor: Carolina Pagnanelli.

A donation from the proceeds of the February auction was presented to Mary Parkinson, to assist with costs involved with looking after the orchid section of Te Puna Quarry Park.

Many thanks to those who assisted and took along their plants to the BOP Orchid Show, and we are pleased to report that we won ‘Best Large Display’. The show results are at the end of this newsletter.

Speaker for the evening was Helen MacDonald who broke down the mysteries of judging and later involved us all in a practical session of judging orchids from our display.

If orchid growers, worldwide, wish to see new and improved orchids developed, there must be systems that evaluate, reward and display the efforts of the plant breeders. To achieve this task, an organisation of judging has been put in place to set standards and rules of comparison.

Club members can apply to become a judge. They have a year to decide, two years of ‘observation’ and two years as an associate judge, before graduating. During this time they must attend a set number of sessions to acquire the knowledge and experience. Members often move though the system faster than 5 years.

NZ judges must keep up with new trends around the world, so that our sets of standards are comparable when Awards are made. The training helps recognise the new forms and to reward the improvements in form and colour.

Awards and what they mean: FCC (First Class Cert.) 90%+; AM (Award of Merit) 80% +; HCC (Highly Commended) 75%+ ; AD (Award of Distinction) for a plant with an unusual feature; CBD (Certificate of Botanical Merit) very rare or unusual in cultivation (used to record for future); CCE (Cert. of Cultural Excellence) 90%+; CCC (Cert. of Cultural Commendation) 80%+ (for the grower – a 30pts size & condition of plant: 30% floriference: 20% freshness: 20% difficulty of growing); PBA (Plant Breeders Award) 6 different clones from the same seed pod, all flower at same time.

There are 2 ways for a plant to be awarded: It is nominated by judges at a show, who then individually score the plant; or an owner of any plant can ask a judge to come and look.

Criteria required: 1. Name tag of a ‘proper name’. 2. It is a Registered Cross (checked on computer). 3. Owned by the owner for 12 months. 4. Three or more judges needed. Cost $20.

Any Awarded orchid can be divided and each part retains the name and award.

After Helen’s excellent explanation, she divided the audience into three groups who worked with herself, Diane and Conrad to explore the difficulties and personal interpretation of evaluating “a flower”. Colour, shape, form, variation, blemishes, size, a mine-field of complexity for the uninitiated.

BOP Orchid Show, April 7-8

Congratulations to the Bay of Plenty Society for organising another highly successful show. Because there was no theme for the event the orchids themselves took pride of place in the displays and acquitted themselves beautifully.

Te Puke’s Memorial Hall was packed full of orchids – from the clubs, the sales tables and the supporting commercial growers, giving far too many opportunities to find a new orchid that just had to be purchased. Many thanks also, to those who assisted at the show over the weekend and of course to those who brought along their orchids. We always worry about ‘what orchids may be open’ but it is amazing how each grower produces different orchids and we had a wonderful array of plants to fill our stand and make a lovely presentation.

Thanks also to the judges for their efforts and congratulations to those who received certificates for their winning orchids, especially Brian Enticott, for not only having Champion Plant, but for his plant, Paph. Gary Romagna being Awarded by the NZ Orchid Council.

BOP Orchid Society Show Results, April 2017

Class 1 Sarcochilus: 1st Sarco. Sweetie E. Bailey; 2nd Sarco. Kiralee T. Brown; 3rd Sarco. Velvet T & P Signal.

Class 2 Vandaceous: 1st Vanda Princess Mikasa Diane Hintz; 2nd Vanda Sapphire Diane Hintz; 3rd Vanda Pat’s Delight Diane Hintz.

Class 3 Dendrobium species: 1st Den. subclausum Ken Murray; 2nd Den. forbesii Diane Hintz; 3rd Den. lawesii Ron Maunder. Class 4 Dendrobium hybrids: 1st Den. Bigjohn R Christensen; 2nd Den. Lori’s Star H. MacDonald; 3rd Den. Paradise Pink Ron Maunder.

Class 5 Masdevallias over 40mm: 1st Masd. Parlatoreana Ute Rank; 2nd Masd. Hot Shot Bill Liddy; 3rd Masd. Firebrand M. Lomas.

Class 6 Other Pleurothadinae: 1st Acianthera sonderae E. Bailey; 2nd Pleurothallis triangulefera H. McDonald; 3rd Barbosellia sp. W. Fitazgibbons.

Class 7 Standard Cattleya: 1st Lc. April Love ‘Pinky’ Leroy Orchids; 2nd C. Miss Wonderful x Mem. Robert Strait Leroy Orchids; 3rd Blc. Hsinging Chin Hua J & C Christensen. Class 8 Miniature cattleya: 1st Lc. Wendy Dhu Leroy Orchids; 2nd C. Mari’s Magic x Dendi’s Flare B. Enticott; 3rd C. Dendi’s Jazz Diane Hintz. Class 9 Novelty cattleya: 1st C. Lucy Chuah Leroy Orchids; 2nd C. Brownlee x Chocolate Drop; 3rd C. Brown Lee x Ctt. Chocolate Drop J. & C.Christensen.

Class 10 Paphiopedilums & Phragmipediums: 1st Paph. Gary Romagna B. Enticott; 2nd Paph. Honey Perle Diane Hintz; 3rd Paph. Armeni White B. Enticott.

Class 11 Phalaenopsis: 1st Phal. Hsinyng Earthquake; 2nd White Phalaenopsis.

Class12 Epidendrum: 1st Epi. Snow Cocktail Audrey Hewson; 2nd Epi. Pacific Geyser x Pacific Sunset Diane Hintz; 3rd Epi. yellow Kevin.

Class 13 Brazilian Miltonias: 1st Milt. Eljahar R. Christensen; 2nd Mos. Jungle Ruby Ron Maunder; 3rd Milt. Mangmou x Goodale Moir E. Bailey.

Class 14 Oncidiums & intergenerics: 1st Onc. trulliferum C. Christensen; 2nd Onc. Sweet Sugar ‘Dream’; 3rd Odm. bictoniense x Wils. Bonne Nuit C & C Goodchild.

Class 15 Small-flowered species: 1st Gomesa crispum E. Bailey; 2nd Pholidota trincata M. Lomas; 3rd Den. secundum.  Class 16 Large-flowered species: 1st Den. forbesii Diane Hintz; 2nd Stanhopea wardii C. Coenen; 3rd Den. bigibbum C. Christensen.

Class 17 Specimen plant: 1st Paph. Gary Romagna B. Enticott; 2nd Den. forbesii Diane Hintz; 3rd Stenoglottis.

Class 18 Any other genera – hybrid: 1st Warc. amazonica x loabta Leroy Orchids; 2nd Sttanhopea wardii C. Coenen; 3rd Z. Blue Lake B. Curtis.

Champion Plant: Paph. Gary Romagna Brian Enticott. Reserve Champion: Den. Bigjohn Richard Christensen.