May 2016: Newsletter 379

Annual General Meeting: April 19

Present: 28 members & 1 visitor.

Minutes from the last AGM were read and accepted. The President’s report was read and accepted.

Election of Officers: President: Barry Curtis. Vice-President: Conrad Coenen. Secretary: Natalie Simmonds. Treasurer: Brian Simmonds. Committee: Alec Roy, Jean Richardson, Noeline Gardner, Bob & Jocelyn Mankelow, Sandra Simpson Iona Wilson (Minutes Secretary). Auditor: David Bulloch. Newsletter: Barry Curtis Library: Evelyn Wills. Supper: Jean Richardson. Raffle Table: Alec Roy.

Club night sales table: Sellers to look after their own plants and pay commission to Treasurer after the meeting.

Geoff Webster Cup (most wins of popular vote): Conrad Coenen.

Many thanks to Lynley Roy who is stepping down after being a valued member for the last 7 or 8 years. Her input and assistance in all committee activities has been much appreciated and will be missed.

Guest speaker was club member Sandra Simpson, talking about her autumnal visit to Japan last year – almost 3 weeks travelling between Tokyo and Hiroshima, mostly by train. Sandra and husband Keith (who operated the slide show) said the colours of the trees, mostly maples, had to be seen to be believed.


Autumn colours in Takayama. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Takayama, a smaller town in the mountains between Tokyo and Kanazawa, has a delightful atmosphere and a pretty walk from one temple to another. A treat was to visit a small temple near their hotel which is home to a giant gingko tree said to be 1,200 years old.

Another lovely walk is in Kyoto – the Philosopher’s Walk, 2km beside a small canal – which is at its best in spring when the cherry trees are out. They caught the bus to Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Pavilion) at one end of the walk, marvelling at the temple’s unique sand garden constructed in the 1600s. The sand is carefully maintained – not a leaf on it, nor the footprints of any bird – and raked in bands. At one end is a 2m high, flat-topped cone of sand. The bright leaves showing over a white wall tempted them into nearby Eikando Temple with Sandra saying it was one of the prettiest gardens they saw.


A Kiwi tourist with a maiko (trainee geisha). Photo: Sandra Simpson

Kenrokuen in Kanazawa is considered one of the three best gardens in Japan. Men were tying ropes, maypole fashion, on to black pines to prevent branches breaking during heavy snowfall. Called yukizuri, this work starts on November 1 each year. The ‘maypole’ trees in the garden are a symbol for the city, which is a centre of gold-leaf production.

A magnificent modern garden, although in the traditional style, is at Adachi Art Museum near Matsue on the northern coast. Adachi-san, who started work as a child and died a billionaire, collected the pines and stones for the 4ha garden from around the country. But visitors may not enter the garden; it’s designed to be viewed from the museum buildings – a ‘living scroll painting’ that unrolls as the visitor moves.

Many temples and museums had chrysanthemum displays, both of striking individual blooms, as well as plants that had been trained into shapes, such as fans, shields and even along pieces of wood so they resembled a bonsai tree in flower.

Conrad thanked Sandra for her talk and complimented her photography – worth a thousand words when it came to ‘explaining’ the vivid colours.

Popular Vote April

Conrad Coenen: Catasetum vamperate SVD X Ctsm Brent’s Black Hawk SVD 1st

Diane Hintz:  Anguloa virginalis x Lyc. Leucantha alba 2nd
Blc. Guess What 3rd

Ute Rank: Aliceara Sweetheart Jonel ‘Everglades’

Display Plants

(* = Note correct &/or new name. [?] = Not identified)

Brian & Natalie Simmonds: Sarco. Bonanza ‘Velvet’ x Fitzhart ‘Red’; Den. Pink Ice; Laelia perrinii; Oda. Stirbic x Onc. forbisii.

John Edwards: Encyclia fausta; Aliceara Sweetheart Jonel ‘Everglades’.

Jan Missen: Aliceara Sweetheart Jonel ‘Everglades’.

Diane Hintz: Paph. henryanum; Slc. Tiny Titan; Blc. Guess What (= Blc. Waikiki Gold ‘Una’ x Trick or Treat ‘Orange’); Lc. Clar Hancock x C. intermedia; C. Dendi’s Jazz.

Ute Rank: C. aurantiaca; Masd, veitchiana; Vuylstekeara Cambria ‘Plush’; Gongora armeniaca C. gaskelliana v. purpurata; Lc. C. G. Roebling x Blue Indigo [?] (? ‘Blue Indigo’).

BOP Orchid Show,  Te Puke, April 8-9

Congratulations to the Bay of Plenty Society for organising another highly successful show. Because there was no theme for the event the orchids themselves took pride of place in the displays and acquitted themselves beautifully.

Memorial Hall was packed full of orchids from clubs, on the sales tables and supporting commercial growers, giving far too many opportunities to find a new orchid that just had to be purchased. Many thanks also to the Tauranga members who assisted at the show over the weekend and to those who brought along their orchids – we had just the right number of plants to fill our stand and make a lovely presentation. Thanks also to the Judges for their efforts and congratulations to those who received certificates for their winning orchids.


Class 1 Sarcochilus: 1st Sarco Melody x Riverdene T & P Signal; 2nd Sarco. Fiona Kelly x Snowhart T. Brown; 3rd Sarco. name unknown Thomas Brown.

Class 2 Vandaceous: 1st Ascda. Charlie Bank x Verat Gold T. Brown; 2nd Ascda. Summer Delight Diane Hintz; 3rd Rangeris amiansis Wilma Fitzgibbon.

Class 3 Dendrobium species: 1st Den. lawesii B. Liddy; 2nd Den. cuthbertsonii Conrad Coenen. Class 4 Dendrobium hybrids: 1st Den. One Thousand Stripes C. Christensen; 2nd Den. Kultana Concert C. Christensen; 3rd Den. All Seasons Blue C. Christensen.

Class 5 Masdevallias over 40mm: 1st Drac. chimera C. Coenen; 2nd Masd. Don’s Dream R. Maunder; 3rd Masd. Hot Shot T. Brown. Class 10 Masdevallias: 1st Masd. Funky Leopard H McDonald; 2nd Masd. Firebrand E. Bailey; 3rd Masd. Tuakau Goldstrike J. Nisbet.

Class 6 Standard Cattleya: 1st C. Dendis Jazz D. Hintz; 2nd C. City Life B. Curtis; 3rd Lc. Clar Hancock x intermedia D. Hintz. Class 7 Novelty cattleya: 1st Rth. Izumi Charm x Golden Circle Leroy Orchids; 2nd Rth. Koanga G. Leafberg; 3rd C. Dream Catcher H. McDonald. Class 8 Miniature cattleya: 1st Ctt. Chocolate Dorman no name; 2nd C. Volcanic Trick G. Leafberg; 3rd C. Brown Lee x Chocolate Drop C. Christensen.

Class 9 Paphiopedilums/Phragmipediums: 1st Paph, Rothpark D. Hintz; 2nd Paph. Sally Berndt C. Christensen; 3rd Paph. sukhakulli no name.

Class 11 Phalaenopsis: 1st Phal. Christy C. Christensen; 2nd Dtps. Shuidoung x Chin Hua Horn; 3rd Phal. Mulala Pink.

Class 12 Epidendrum: 1st Epi. Pink Parfait D. Hintz; 2nd Epi. tampense G. Leafberg; 3rd Epi. Pacific Sunset D. Hintz.

Class 13 Brazilian Miltonias: 1st Milt. Aztec x Cloesii B. Curtis; 2nd Alcra. Dorothy Oka; 3rd Milt. Eljahar E. Bailey.

Class 14 Oncidiums & intergenerics: 1st Onc. Sweet Sugar D. Hintz; 2nd Onc. trulliferum C. Christensen; 3rd Onc. Sweet Sugar B. Enticott.

Class 15 Small-flowered species: 1st Onc. trulliferum C. Christensen; 2nd Hab. odorata G. Leafberg; 3rd Sngl. fimbriata C. Coenen. Class 16 Large-flowered species: 1st Drac. chimera C. Coenen; 2nd Epi. tampense G. Leafberg; 3rd Encyclia cochleata D. Hintz.

Class 17 Specimen plant: 1st Sngl.fimbriata C. Coenen; 2nd Hab. odorata G. Leafberg; 3rd Gomesa crispa E. Bailey.

Class 18 Any other genera: 1st Warczewiczella. amazonica x loabta Leroy Orchids; 2nd Ctsm. pileatum x Brent’s Black Hawk = Ctsm. Dagny C. Coen; 3rd Z. Blue Eyes R. Maunder.

Champion: Onc. trulliferum C. Christensen. Reserve Champion: Ascda. Charlie Bank x Verat Gold T. Brown.