Photos from the show: Layout

A day’s hard work on site – and several offsite – by many Tauranga Orchid Society members paid off with a show that has received a great many compliments and created  smiles for visitors. Here are some photos of what we achieved in 2017 (all images by Sandra Simpson).

Welcome to the woodland glade. Trees by Barry Curtis.

The woodland glade, complete with real sawn logs, fake grass and plenty of fake toadstools. Next stop, the rabbit hole!

Alice, made by Barry Curtis, ‘holds open’ the entry to the rabbit hole – a gazebo lined with black weedmat and hung with fairy lights.

Popping out the other side we come to the tea party. The rabbit was hired from The Incubator, while our clever Barry made the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat.

Looking back towards the rabbit hole.

The Mad Hatter in full song atop his empty beer crates.

Barry carved the Cheshire Cat from polystyrene and used bristles from an outdoor broom for his whiskers.

Someone always has to play the fool! Conrad and Keith get silly with wrapping paper.

Craig figures out the length of a piece of string! In the background the bromeliad boys plot their outstanding display.

At the end of a long day what could be better than a nice cuppa? Conrad plays mother.

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    Thanks for the pics Sandra! Craig

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