Orchid recognised with award

There was a special presentation at the most recent Tauranga Orchid Society meeting – Helen McDonald, in her capacity as chairperson of the Bay of Plenty Orchid Judging Group, presented Brian Enticott with a certificate from the Orchid Council of New Zealand.

His Grand Champion at this year’s Te Puke Orchid Show, Paphiopedilum Gary Romagna ‘Palm Beach’, has received an Award of Merit (AM) from the OCNZ.

Paphiopedilum Gary Romagna ‘Palm Beach’, grown by Brian Enticott of the Tauranga Orchid Society, has won an Award of Merit from the Orchid Council of NZ. Photo: Sandra Simpson

The plant needed more than 80 points from the judges to receive the award and scored 82.44. Generally speaking, this is the highest award for an orchid in New Zealand as the FCC award (First Class Certificate, over 90 points) is rarely given.

Brian says the same plant was also awarded 16 years ago, which was when he was able to name it ‘Palm Beach’ for where he lives. This means that any division of the plant will also carry that name and a note on its tag that it is an AM/OCNZ plant (AM/AOS = Award of Merit from the American Orchid Society).

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