Taranaki Orchid Show 2017


Earina autumnalis, a New Zealand native orchid has a distinctive, and beautiful, scent. Photo: Winsome Edwards

Thanks to Tauranga Orchid Society member Winsome Edwards for sharing her photo record of the event, held in New Plymouth from January 13-15.




Diaphananthe millarii, shown by P and G Fox, is a miniature orchid native to southern Africa.


The Leroy Orchids display with Dendrobium Roy Tokunaga (at top) winning a First and a Second.


Carl Christensen of Napier showed this (beautiful) unnamed Dendrobium, winning a Second.


Ornithocephalus kruegeri is a miniature orchid shown by Wilma Fitzgibbons of the Tauranga Orchid Society. The orchid is native to Trinidad, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.


Maxillaria echinophyta, shown by P and G Fox, is native to Brazil.

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2 Responses to Taranaki Orchid Show 2017

  1. Wilma Fitzgibbons says:

    Ornithocephalus kruegeri is the plant name for Wilma Fitzgibbon’s plant.


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